Themed Parties for Adults

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Guess what! Themed parties are not just for children, there are ways to host a fun get-together for adults as well. From Brunch parties to grill outs, we can talk about all the fun reasons you can invite friends over this summer!

1. Host brunch

Brunch is extremely trendy, I think it's because we all want a valid reason for having a drink before 10 AM! I am a huge fan of brunch for many reasons. I love breakfast foods and I love to drink and chat with friends. To host the perfect brunch, use patterns, bright colors and be sure to provide bubbly!

The key to hosting the perfect brunch is having a mimosa bar. Provide at least 3 different types of juices, along with a few types of fruits. This allows friends to make their own signature cocktail. There are a few other "DIY" buffet-style brunch items you can serve, such as a pancake bar or waffle bar with various types of jams, berries, and syrups.

You could also serve quiche! I love quiche because there are so many different combinations you can do. Example: Ham & Cheese, Spinach & Ricotta, Onion & Herb, Mushroom & Fetta. The list goes on and on. You can also do crustless quiche, for a low carb option or mini quiche's which are always fun!

2. Host a BBQ

I can almost certainly say that everyone loves BBQ food. There is something wonderful about cooking outside. Some fun main dishes to try this summer is Kabobs. Kabobs are awesome because they allow people to try different types of meats paired with different veggies.

Go to Kabobs:

Chicken with bacon and pineapple.

Chicken with your choice of seasoning, coated in mayonnaise. (Yes you read this correctly, mayonnaise helps keep the meat moist.)

Garlic steak kabobs with onion and bell peppers.

Shrimp with sausage.

Beef and broccoli.

There are so many combinations. See more here.

BBQ's are laid back and fun. Be sure to include games such as corn hole, beer pong or horseshoes. Make sure to offer friends a beer, or wine cooler. It is always nice to have a water element, such as a pool or kiddy pool. Anything to cool off will help. Don't forget about the ambiance, hang some string lights and break out your lanterns. This really helps set the mood.

3. Italian Night

Pasta and wine? I think yes! Another great way to bring friends together is over yummy carbs and good wine. You can make baked ziti with garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms, classic spaghetti with meatballs, gnocchi with a white wine cream sauce, or Italian sausage rigatoni. No matter what you make, carbs are always a crowd pleaser.

Be sure to light some candles, and have on some nice music in the background. Pull out you're fine china and set a gorgeous table. This is the perfect setting to eat good food and drink good wine all night.

4. Tropical Party

Those hot summer days are truly calling for a Luau. With a drink in hand and your feet in some cold water! Break out those tiki torches and open up the margarita bar! Play some fun games like limbo, volleyball, or flamingo ring toss. Decorations can be easy from the dollar store with grass skirts, pineapples, and lei's

Serve an authentic Hawaiian macaroni salad or pineapple burgers! Always remember, you can't go wrong with pulled pork, you can leave this in the crock pot all day and it will still turn out amazing. Don't forget to have an ample amount of fruit such as watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, or anything bright and colorful.

5. Movie Night

You can't go wrong with movie night! Whether you are watching a movie marathon of Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars or Back to the Future, or watching the latest movie, this can be a great way to bring friends together. Grab all the blankets and pillows you have and make a big bed or fort in the living room. Light some candles and order pizza!

Movie nights are awesome becaues they can even be themed to what you will be watching from disney movies to scary movies. This is the easiest get together to host all year long. Don't forget the popcorn!

Now that we have 5 solid themes, plan your next get together! You won't regret it!