Seasonal Decor 101: Mastering Interchangeable Holiday Decor on Budget.

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The key essentials to making your home look like it was done by an interior designer can be mastered by anyone. The most important advice I can provide to you is to define your home decor "zones". Having a few zones, as I call them, will help make interior decorating a breeze.

So what is a zone?

A zone is a place where you will have a few interchangeable items throughout the year to keep your home fresh and reflect seasonal trends. By changing out a few pieces every month, your home will feel rejuvenated and you will also increase your mental health.

By changing items out of your home regularly allows you to look at everything you own and decide if you still love your decor. This is extremely important because our homes is the place where we spend the most time. Studies have shown that having cluttered or messy homes take a major toll on your overall emotions. This step by step guide will help you create the home you are dreaming of and will show you how to easily maintain the look you are wanting. As a result, you will essentially become a happier version of yourself.

Assessing your home decor zones:


There might be several places you have open shelving such as the kitchen, bathroom shelves, entry way, living room or even book shelves. Where ever you have shelves is a great place to change out a few seasonal pieces. I have a large bookshelf and I love to redecorate my bookshelf for each season. You can keep a few of the same pieces year round, however removing a few and replacing them with seasonal statements is a great way to show the taste of any season.


Entryways are so fun because there are a few staple decor pieces that can be changed out. First off, a wreath! It is so simple to hang a wreath and change this out every few months. The front door mat is another easy change to reflect a season. You might have a table, shelf or bench at the entryway, switch out some pieces on your table, shelf or invest in a few throw pillows or throw blankets to place on your bench.

Dining room table:

The dining room table is really fun to switch out because there are so many things you can do with it. If you are on a budget, I'd recommend investing in neutral-colored plates and switching out the place holders, napkins, table runner and a few tabletop decor pieces and you're done! Having a splash of seasonal color in the napkins can make a huge difference.

Coffee/side table:

Coffee Tables are generally a place we spend a lot of time around. Depending on your family, it can be hard to add decorative pieces to a coffee table. (Particularly with young children, as this is a place they can reach.) I recommend keeping it simple here and simply switch out coasters, or add some type of a faux floral piece. Always remember, less is more.

Fireplace Mantle:

The fireplace mantle is such a magical place to decorate, especially during Christmas time. Using garlands, string lights, lanterns, and candle holders, it can be really easy to switch out mantle decor pieces. Floral garlands are reflected in any season and are fairly inexpensive. Adding a light element makes space feel cozy and warm, I always recommend adding some type of ambiant lighting.


Countertops generally have the essentials on it from olive oil dispensers to cutting boards. Not everyone has ample amounts of counter space; however, sometimes we have some space that allows for seasonal decor. The corner of countertops is generally a good place to decorate. Try using a tiered tray or lazy susan to create a little home for decorative pieces.

Feature walls:

If you like to switch out wall art, I recommend defining a few places that it is easy to switch out artwork. Above the mantle, in the entryway or maybe a wall in your kitchen would be a good place to start.


Try draping a seasonal hand towel over the kitchen sink or hang it over the oven handle. Adding a seasonal hand towel is cost-effective and makes a huge difference! maybe invest in some pillow covers and switch pillow covers every few months, or add a seasonal throw blanket. These are all cost effective ways to add a little color or show a taste of any season.

As you can tell, there are a lot of places where we can introduce seasonal decor. I do not recommend switching out all of your decor in all the zones discussed above. That would be way too much work, you would feel overwhelmed and it would break your bank. I recommend selecting a few of your favorite places. For example, my seasonal decor zones consist of my bookshelf, open shelves, side tables, and linens.

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