Habitation Box Hinged Portrait DIY

When selecting items for Habitation Box, I am constantly stressing multifunctional. Considerin Halloween decor is generally only used once a year, I wanted to select an item that would allow you to have a little fun!

The hinged portrait is the perfect piece to have some DIY fun with. There are many things you could do with this piece. From using your photos to completely transforming the piece as I have done.

I am going to give a quick step by step guide to show you how I transformed this Halloween decor into Christmas decor.

1. Go to your local art store to purchase your supplies. (Or dig through some old art supplies)

2. Paint the entire piece white. This might take several coats for a smooth finish.

3. Add a little glitter to the corners to give a festive Christmas look.

4. Select which stickers you would like to feature. (I loved these stockings!)

And you're done! This quick DIY Is a great way to transform Halloween decor into Christmas decor.

If you tried to recreate this, send me a picture! I would love to see how you're DIY turned out.