Essentials for setting the perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

1. Place Mats

Placemats can be a great way to get creative with your tablescape. You can use a million different types of materials. From brown craft paper to old jeans turned into a placemat. I like craft paper because it makes for easy cleanup. I also think it gives a nice rustic touch to any table. I also love burlap or any type of woven material.

2. Plates

It is essential to stack one large plate on the bottom and a small bowl or plate on top. I recommend using a bowl if you are serving a salad or soup before dinner, or a small plate if you are serving appetizers. I like to use small plates because I am the appetizer queen! I love appetizers because this allows people to talk, mingle and drink a little bit before sitting down for an extended amount of time. I think having appetizers is the key to hosting the perfect dinner.

3. Utensils

Dinner fork, appetizer fork, dinner knife, butter knife, spoon (if necessary)

4. Wine Glass & Water Glass

It is nice to offer a variety of beverages. I find it fun to offer a mixed cocktail that pairs well with the meal along with red and white wine and a few select beers. At the end of the day, we want everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves. Leaves the glasses on the table and allow your guests to choose what they would like to drink.

5. Napkin

Napkins are essential at the dinner table. From paper napkins to linen, just be sure to provide something!

6. Centerpiece

One of my favorite parts about hosting is using my creativity to make a beautiful centerpiece. Using real fruit and vegetables is always show-stopping and is not going to break the bank. You can also sprinkle in some fresh flowers and votive candles. I also love using faux wheat bundles.

7. Menu

Last but not least, the menu!

This is the most important part, so I will share with you what will be on my Thanksgiving dinner table.


Parmesan Onion Canapes

Spinach Artichoke & Feta Bites

These are both very easy to whip up and pop into the oven. While your guests are munching down on these, you can be finishing dinner off. Warming things up in the oven, or stovetop.

Main Course:

Cherry Glazed Ham - Done in a large crockpot to keep the oven free

Apple & Cranberry Stuffing - This can be premade and heated in the oven quickly

Thanksgiving Salad - Premade

Roasted Brussel Sprouts - prepped and heated day of

Mashed Potatoes - Take little time

Butternut Squash - Takes little time

The Perfect Gravey - done on the stovetop

Veggies Braid wit Cresent Dough - This is a beautiful dish and is very easy to accomplish

Follow this link to my Pinterest board with all of these recipes saved for you!