Entertaining 101

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Who is getting ready for summer nights spent with friends and family? Uh me!!

I'm going to give you the ultimate list for hosting the perfect get together.

1. The Details

The little details truly make an event. It is important to show your style with these little details. Consider picking up some flowers to use as accents, light some candles or put on your essential oils, these little details can really set the mood for your get together. I love ambient light while entertaining, try putting up string lights or dimming the lights.

2. Tablescape

Break out those little dishes and fill them with all the good stuff! Variety is always fun and helps to please everyone. Use accessories such as spreaders, paddle picks and serve ware to keep it clean! Get creative with your serve ware and use marble plates, wooden cheese boards and don't for the classic cast iron skillet. Use Turkish towels around the table or countertop, they provide a wonderful visual texture.

3. What to serve?

Always keep it simple when hosting and prep as much as you can prior to. I recommend cooking simple things that can be thrown in the oven such as chicken skewers, artichoke dip, flatbread pizzas, stuffed mushrooms, anything that is easy to eat. I also recommend using "snacky" or "finger foods" This keeps everything easy going, simple and allows people to eat what they want when they want. Always include cold items such as hummus, yogurt dips or fresh pico de gallo, along with any chips, crackers or veggies to dip. Consider serving fresh spring rolls with a dipping sauce, or rustic break with a bruschetta. We can't forget the cheese! When serving cheese, variety is always best. I recommend serving one soft, one medium and one hard cheese. Now you should have enough items for people to be snacking on all night!

4. Drinks

It is important to think about your guests. Do they drink alcoholic beverages? Or do they prefer not to? Be sure to know your audience and plan accordingly. If you are going to serve alcohol, always include wine. It is also fun to have a picture with some juice and berries accompanied by liquor of choice (Vodka, Tequila, etc.). Having a signature drink is always fun, even if it does not include alcohol.

5. Have Fun!

It is the most important part, that everyone has fun. This is why I recommend the host prepares everything prior to friends and guests arriving. Clean the house the day before, so you do not have to worry. Have everything cook and kept in the oven, or refrigerator. 15 minutes before your guests arrive, have a drink in your hand and unwind, because you pulled it off, so enjoy yourself.

I'm including my go to protein, when entertaining. These skewers are so easy, fast and yummy. If you have any go to recipies, please share them with me.

Chicken Skewers


Chicken Breasts - I recommend one per person.

Seasoning of choice - I used Zataar, a middle eastern seasoning mix

Salt - to taste.

Mayonnaise - The secret to moist chicken - Your welcome.

Herb of Choice - I used Tarragon.

Skewers - 1 per breast

1. Cut chicken breats into small pieces, try to keep them all the same size.

2. Place into bowl and season with salt and seasoning of choice.

3. Add one tablespoon of mayoinnaise per chicken breast. This helps to keep the chicken nice and moist!

4. String onto skewers and bake for 30-40 minutes, depending the amount of meat you are cooking.

5. Top with fresh chopped herb of choice.

Enjoy hosting your next get together, friends!