August Habitation Box "Bathroom Decor"

There is no better time to give your bathroom decor a little refresh, right before the holidays come around and friends and family are going to be coming over on a more frequent basis.

That's the great thing about Habitation Box, your home will be forever evolving and being constantly refreshed for every season.

So let's talk bathroom decor!

Bathroom refresh essentials include the following:

Bathroom Sign

Hand Towels


Small Baskets

Hand Soaps

These are the perfect items to give your bathroom the refresh it needs! Swapping out a few small items can make a big difference. That is why this month, Habitation Box featured a handmade unique bathroom sign, a Turkish towel, a small succulent, a seagrass basket, and an artisanal hand soap.

Pro tip: This sign was hand-painted and by a small local woodworking friend here in California. Hang this adorable, one of a kind sign centered over the toilet.

Pro Tip: Add a shelf above the toilet with a room spray and a few other decorative accents such as succulents, photos, candles, or jars

Pro Tip: Naturally drape Turkish Towel over the countertop. This shows a relaxed look and allows guests to know it is okay to use this towel to dry your hands.

​Pro Tip: Place Seagrass basket on the countertop and fill with countertop items. Place hand soap with plant in the basket, along with feminine products or any other small items. Baskets are a wonderful way to make countertop products look like they belong.

If you want to give your home the refresh it needs, then try Habitation Box today!