Affordable Ways to Stage your Home to Sell Fast!

​1. Declutter:

Decluttering helps to make space feel larger and more open. So pull out those boxes and get rid of what you don't need.

​2. Add mirrors:

Mirrors make space feel larger than they really are. They also help to reflect light around a space.

3. Add Fresh Flowers:

Fresh flowers always make space feel bright, happy and cheerful. ​

4. New Drapes:

Remove any old, heavy and dark drapes or shades. Replace with light-colored sheer drapes tied back to the sides. Make sure the view out the window is wide open, letting all the light in.

5. Ambiance:

Light some candles, use small string lights with your decor and turn on all the lights and lamps. Scent of a home is extemely important and can leave a lasting impression.

6. Lighting:

Switch to LED lights. They provide a cooler light temperature and make space feel brighter, as opposed to the dingy amber color.

7. Introduce bright colors:

Add some bright or lightly colored throw pillows, throw blankets and other small accessories that are appropriate and fit the space. Make sure to accent and highlight key features you want buyers to pay attention to. Such as the kitchen or living room.

8. Landscaping:

Trim any trees outside the windows to maximize lighting. Maybe invest in some eye-catching plants to place right outside the window as well. Curb appeal is extrermely imporant, as this is the first impression a potential client will have.

9. Clean:

Make sure your windows are clean from the outside to the inside. Clean the window sills as well to make sure they are sparkly white. This way the light coming in will not be obstructed by any dirt. The rest of the home should be spotless as well. Maybe invest in weekly cleaning while your home is on the market. A clean home is an attractive home.

10. Artwork:

Be careful with the artwork. Some colors absorb light and actually take light away from a room.

11. Depersonalize:

The truth is, a potential buyer wants to visualize themself in the home. When they see family photos and other personal items, they might feel the presence of the current owner and block their ability to visualize themselves in the home.

12. Remove Clothing: Removing clothing from a closet will help to make the closet look larger and once again, remove the personalization of a home. Having a messy or unorganized closet can be stressful to even look at. So consider packing some stuff up prior to showing your home.

13. Bathroom:

The bathroom absolutely needs to be as clean as possible and staged with new hand towels and rugs. The bathroom also needs to smell clean. Potential buyers do not want the thought or visualization of the previous owner using the bathroom. So if you are going to fix anything up, make sure it is the bathroom. This is the most imporant place to have spic and span!

14. Pets and Childrens things:

Lets face it, pets and children tend to ruin homes, so be sure to erase any evidence of wear and tear from pets and children. From stained carpets to dirty walls. Be sure to spruce things up and always remember, you are trying to sell something here!

15. Freshen up some paint:

Paint Colors: Behr Painters White PPU18-08

​Behr Ultra Pure White PPU18-06​

Behr Polar Bear 75

Behr Shoelace OR-W13


Have a professional photograph your home for the listing. Why? Because it is clear when photos were taken by an amature vs. a professional. These photos will be the winning ticket to make a potential buyer want to come see your home. So make a statement with them!

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