4 Must Do's for Attending a Trade Show

Are you attending a trade show soon and don't know what to expect or how to prepare? Don't worry, I have created the 4 must do's for attending a trade show.

1. Most say do your research

The truth is most people tell you to do a ton of research before attending trade show however; I think it is a waste of time. I know what convention I booked and I know there will be an abundance of products that I am looking for. While attending the trade show you will have the opportunity to view the products in person which makes a huge difference, also interact with your sales rep. With this being said...

2. Stay organized!

Only accept press materials from the companies that truly interest you—otherwise you’ll walk away from the event frustrated and confused. Write a note to yourself on their business card or hand out. Write what you liked about the company/products. I even write specific items I was interested in. This makes your job easier when you get home because you will know what you liked about the company and specific products you are interested in from them.

Here is a great filing folder. You can label the tabs to keep organized by category.

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Here is a business cardholder. You will want to keep your business cards ready to hand out, but keeping them in something safe is very important so the edges do not get bent or wrinkled.

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3. Ask questions

Every company offers different terms and ships from different locations. It is always best to note where they are from, and the companies terms of use. Another great question is asking the lead times for products and inventory amounts. This way you will automatically know if you are able to work with this company. For example, I curate a home decor subscription box and I source items about 6 months in advance; however; I will not order these items until 1-2 months prior to shipping them to my customers. I have a problem with storage so if a company requires that I order Christmas items in July, then clearly I can not work with this company. (Believe it or not, but some companies require this...)

4. Most importantly, Dress comfortably.

I know we all want to look professional and wear those cute new shoes we just got, but the truth is there is a way to look professional and cute but still be comfortable. This is so important because you will be on your feet all day! Walking around takes a toll on our bodies and it is extremely important to have comfortable shoes on.

Having a slight heel on your shoes will help spread your weight evenly and relieve pressure from your feet. These sketches sandals are perfect for walking or standing for an extended period of time.

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These shoes have AMAZING support! They are also very stylish and come in so many different colors!

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These dresses are perfect because they are so comfortable! You can also pair them with the booties or sketchers sandals and a few pieces of jewelry to dress it up. They also have pockets!

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These dresses are great because of their length. They look professional, they are comfortable and once again, easy to dress up or down in.

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Thank you for stopping by and reading my top 4 Must Do's for attending a trade show. I hope this helped with some answers you might have. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me.