The Perfect Client Gifts

Client gift ideas


Looking for the best real estate closing gifts? Or do you have a VIP client who deserves a VIP client gift?


Let Habitation Box help you turn their house into a home that feels, clean, calm, and welcoming.


Choose a one-time box or a gift subscription that brings beautiful and versatile items to your client every month. All of our boxes are curated by a professional designer.  

The items in a single Habitation Box are always high quality and come from eco- and socially conscious companies. We specialize in sharing items in a neutral color scheme that complements the decor in any home. 



A bottle of wine or a generic gift card just doesn’t leave the same impression!


And a lasting impression is key when it comes to receiving referrals.  ​

  • Select Habitation I (3-5 items) or Habitation II (7-10 items)

  • Habitation Box ships directly (to you or your client) on the 4th of every month

  • Need your box now? Click here to shop home decor and accessories and create your own box.

"I love it. I have used and/or will use every single item I have received. It is a beautiful and practical subscription box!"


Select your Subscription Type

Habitation I (includes 3-6 items) 


Habitation II (includes 7-10 items)

Select how often you receive a box...

Choose monthly or every three months.

Get Excited...

We ship each new box on the 4th of the month. While you wait for yours, browse the blog for inspiration, sneak peeks and pro tips.

Get Delighted! 

Hurray, your box is here!

Check out our how-to booklet for ideas and placement suggestions. Then have fun putting your own special touch on your new décor. Don't forget to share your images on social media and tag us for your chance to be featured.

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If you’re interested in purchasing 5 or more Habitation Box gifts, you are eligible for our bulk discount.

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