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Entry Way Styling 101

Updated: Jun 12

Entryways are one of the first things we see when we walk into our homes. It can show a lot about a person and their style. It should leave an everlasting impression. So, what do we put here?!

Key elements to having a beautiful and functional entryway:

Table or Bench

The base of all elements, selecting your table or bench is the first step and the most important! Take inventory of how much room you have to work with and select your table or bench accordingly. It is crucial to make sure the table or bench does not protrude into the walkway.

Pro Tip: Be sure to be intentional in choosing what the table is made out of to match the rest of your home. Whether it's solid wood, light metal, or a glass table, this is going to be the first thing people see so make sure it's seamless with the rest of your home's decor!

Storage on Storage

Creating a "Confined Mess" is the most crucial part of entryway decor. Having a place for everything when you first walk in, makes coming home a little less stressful. Here are a few things to consider when selecting baskets, decorative bins, etc. for your entryway.


Mail is one of those things that gets put off. We will grab the mail because we have to.... and set it on the countertop in the kitchen. Come next Monday when you decide to start sifting through last week's mail, you realize you have bills tucked into corners of your home you didn't even know existed.


There is nothing worse than walking into a home and seeing random shoes all over the floor. Nothing looks messier than shoes being left out. Be sure to have storage for shoes, whether they have their own closet or you are able to fit into baskets. Just make sure shoes have a place to go.


Having a place to set your purse when walking into the door is another fantastic addition to any entryway. Have you ever been late and you are trying to leave but can't find your purse?! Been there! However; if your purse has a place and you know it is always there, you will not have to deal with this again! Try a decorative hook or two on the wall. Maybe one for your large purse and one for your small purse.


When you walk into the door, where do you put your keys, pocket change, hair ties, and those earrings you took off on your car ride home? Having a "Confined Mess" to a basket, or maybe even a pull out drawer will be a lifesaver to your entryway. Having a place for EVERYTHING makes your home feel put together and organized. Next time when you are looking for your car keys, you will wish you left them in your "Catch-All" bin or drawer.

Design Elements to Consider:


Do you have a light switch when your first walk in? Or do you need a little lamp, wall sconce, or nightlight to provide a little light? Not only does a little light create a pleasant ambiance, but it is also essential to have adequate lighting in your entryway.


Having plants or greenery is proven to reduce stress. Adding organic elements brings a serene sense of earthiness and peace. Another great thing about adding greenery is the seasonality of it. During Christmas time you can use poinsettias, garland or even pinecones. During spring and summer, you can use green stems such as eucalyptus, or a floral arrangement to add a pop of color.


Keep it simple and balanced. Adding a touch of texture such as a wooden stand on your sleek glass table, or a shiny vase on your wooden table. As they say, opposites attract and when it comes to texture, the same rule applies.


Show your personality with a framed photo from your favorite trip, an item you bought on vacation, or something you made yourself! Adding a little personal touch will put a smile on your face when you see the space you created.


Ever stop to look at your self as you are walking out the door? A mirror in the entryway is a fantastic way to allow yourself to stop and fix your hair or lipstick before heading out. Mirror also helps to make spaces feel bigger and brighter which is a great plus! Play around with adding several small mirrors or use one statement mirror.

Layering Heights

Layering goes a long way and makes space feel "put together" Using grouped elements of varying heights such as vases, candlesticks, stacked books, or even baskets will allow you to create a layering effect.

At the end of the day, you want your entry table to be both beautiful to look at and functional for your family to get in and out of the door efficiently.

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